Scrapping a car – the crunching end of a long friendship

How expensive is the car disposal?

Nothing is eternal – even the best maintained car will eventually catch up with time and hoist the flag in front of her. Whether old age or a total loss after an accident : where to go with the old? And how expensive are disposal and scrapping? Can you even get a few Dollars for spare parts for your car ?

In any case, you should not just leave the car on a public stand . Vehicles without an authorization or with clear damage that is against recommissioning can generally constitute traffic obstructions. If you park a car without registration or registration on public roads or car parks, you are usually threatened with a fine of 60 dollars and a point in Flensburg .

Worse, it is when you have been accused of illegal waste disposal . Parked old vehicles can already attract 4,000 $ and higher penalties. But where does the end-of-life vehicle or scrap car tax deduction go? Learn in the following guide how to properly dispose of your frail car and where to drop it off.

Where can you have the car scrapped?

After the ELV Regulation (ELV) is the holder of a car as a waste to be considered is obliged to arrange for the disposal and scrapping of his car himself. In this case, however, he may only apply to companies and companies that are in principle permitted for take-back, dismantling and scrapping (§ 4 (1) End-of-Life Vehicles Ordinance).

In principle, there are two options available to consumers : Either they turn directly to an approved waste disposal company , which takes care of the disassembly and scrapping of the residual body. Especially in the metropolitan areas there are numerous recycling yards.

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